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Regional Slimming Package

The way to get rid of your regional fat and weight is through this package. 

Check out the Power Plate and AWT technology in the Regional Slimming Package to buy it at Zen Aesthetics for you.

The way to get rid of your regional oils and weight is in this package! 

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Zen Aesthetics offers fast solutions with the easiest methods for you. Check out our regional thinning package now.


Regional Slimming Package


Regional fats and weight can be annoying. 

Your solution in a list of fats in the waist area, inner thigh fats and lengthening is in this package. 


In the regional thinning package;

  • 6 sessions of AWT
  • 6 sessions of Power Plate


What is AWT?

AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy) isformed under the connective tissue and fat dermis 

applied by creating shock waves on the protrusions. It is a process for breaking the fat tissue and obtaining a smoother looking skin. The shock waves delivered by the AWT device provide dissolution in adipose tissue, reveal special metabolites in lymphatic vessels and reduce edema problem by increasing permeability.


What is Power Plate?

The vibration produced by Power Plate is sent to the human body as an energy. 

Oscillations of the preferred frequency stimulate the body muscles in the direction of stretching. During the application, the muscles are constantly stretched / relaxed and worked. The body works in an intense discipline within a short period in which the muscles of the implementation in each region.

These two services to buy one that package, call us now or fill out the form.


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