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Nutrition Consultancy and Weight-Loss Package

Get rid of your excess weight quickly with Nutrition Consultancy and Weight Loss Package!
With the special list and Dietician service prepared for you, you can easily get rid of your excess weight. Call us now for Nutrition Consultancy and Weight Loss Package and more.
Get rid of your excess weight with counseling from a right diet and proper exercise.
Read now for this package that will eliminate regional lubrication in women.



Nutrition Consultancy and Weight-Loss Package

Plan your nutrition with an expert andexcess get rid of yourweight easily.

In our Nutrition Consultancy and WeightLoss Package;

Body analysis
1 month consultation and consultancy service with a dietician (4 sessions)
10 sessions Vacustep
5 sessions of Microplus
Form tea and intestinal flora regulating food supplement

What is Body Analysis?

The, which should be done before starting treatments,
measurement that determines the body’s muscle, fat and water ratiois called body analysis. The measurements made are compared with the reference values. Throughout the treatment process, the patient’s values ​​are recorded and interpreted from beginning to end. Our dietician performs body analysis.

Dietician Counseling Service Our Dietician

Who is within the body of Zen Aesthetics, provides a meeting with you and
as a result, a program is created for you. You can lose weight quickly with this programming, which takes your health into consideration.

What is Vacustep?

Vacustep, one of the most effective methods of getting rid of regional oils, is a vacuum
and elliptical integrated product. It activates the blood circulation in the targeted area and provides thinning in the targeted area. Vacustep, which is very effective against old cellulite, tightens the skin and helps you achieve a smooth appearance. It helps your lymphatic system to work perfectly by doing standing exercise in Vacustep.

What is Micro Plus?

Micro Plus is a method developed to eliminate body sagging.
Operation is provided with an electrotherapy device. The Micro Plus device, which is used for regional slimming, cellulite and tightening, stimulates the muscles with currents applied to the muscle groups. As a result of this stimulation, the muscles move and try to spread their energy to the fat tissues.

With our Form Tea and Intestinal Flora Regulating Food Supplement Dietician

Necessary things for you to lose weight are determined. Form tea and food supplements are adjusted accordingly.
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