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Massage Packages

Massage Package Our 10 pieces cellulite is composed of 10 pieces relaxation massage. 

Our customers Call us to buy this package, which is prepared for relaxation and cleansing of the orange appearance!We may need to get rid of the stress of our daily life and our body 

increase the blood flow in. Prepared Zen Estetik Massage Packages for these two needs.



Massage Package included;

10 sessions cellulite massage
10 sessions of full body relaxation massage

To experience the feeling of relaxation that your body needs and is ideal for removing your cellulite. You can call us for more information and assistance about massage packages.

Cellulite Massage

Cellulite isthat occurs as a result of irregular and excessive fat accumulation under the skin, accumulates
a regional circulatory disordermostly in the legs, arms and hips, and is identified with orange peel. With massage, the blood flow in this area is accelerated and the appearance is lost. Cellulite massage improves subcutaneous blood circulation, narrowing the diameter of the vessels and allowing the blood to flow regularly from the legs. Thus, the reorganization of the impaired blood circulation, better oxygen delivery to the cells, and the removal of toxic substances from the body easier.

Relaxation Massage

We need massage to collect the energy to get rid of the fatigue brought about by daily life.
It is possible to relax with a successful and appropriate massage. The important thing is actually to be able to choose the massage required. The simplest and most beautiful way to get rid of the negative energy in the body, to relax the muscles and to have a healthy and energetic body is to leave yourself in the hands of a massage specialist who is very good at this job. Medical massage helps to eliminate such complaints, to relax the muscles and to end the pain. ”
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