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Comprehensive Skin Care Package

Comprehensive Skin Care Package has been specially prepared for your skin to always look well-groomed and healthy!  For radiant and glamorous skin, you should check out our Comprehensive Skin Care Package right away.

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We know what you need for our skin to always be flawless! Take a look at our package that we have prepared accordingly.


Comprehensive Skin Care Package

All you need to keep your skin looking clean and always well-groomed is in 

this package. 

What’s in the Comprehensive Skin Care Pack?

  • Skin Analysis
  • 5 sessions Medical Skin Care
  • 3 sessions Dermatherapy
  • 3 sessions Lifting


What is Skin Analysis?


Skin analysis is a routine procedure before starting treatment. 

The patient’s skin type (dry, oily, combination), acne, blackheads, aging, sun damage, dehydration, etc. It is aimed to shed light on the treatment by analyzing.


What is Medical Skin Care?


It is a process that protects the skin against external factors and makes it more durable. 

It helps to make the products you use and the procedures you do in your daily skin care more effective. By doing your skin analysis, your skin type, skin age and skin problems are determined. With the skin analysis, the substances, vitamins and medicines that your skin will need are determined.


In the light of these, the products to be used in medical skin care are selected. 

As a result of this analysis, the selection of the products is correct and a more effective care is obtained.

With medical care, the skin is deeply cleansed and the pores are tightened.


What is Dermatherapy?

It is a procedure applied to provide innovation and solve skin problems by applying therapy to dermal tissue. 

The process applied using derma roller is achieved by creating a controlled deformation in the upper layer of the skin. The substances needed by the skin are sent under the skin with small spots opened on the skin, the substances working under the skin solve the problems within a short time and therapy is provided. Take dermatherapy, which is a very frequently used method in the treatment of acne and acne scars, scar and burn scars, pigment imbalances, skin cracks and large pores on the skin, it is applied on the temples, cheeks, cheekbones, chin, décolleté and neck areas.


What is Lifting?

Eyelash lifting makes eyelashes look long and voluminous for a certain period of time. It is only applied to the roots of natural eyelashes and is also known as a keratin treatment. In order to change the structure of eyelashes that appear sparse and without volume, you can choose the eyelash lifting application to have only full and voluminous eyelashes without making up in your daily life.

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