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Cellulite Treatment Package

Cellulite Treatment Package, end the orange look!

Check out this special package from Zen Aesthetics to buy now, and call us now for more. It may be possible to end cellulite with this package.

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Cellulite is a circulatory disorder experienced by most women. It is very easy to eliminate and regulate the orange look it reveals! Our Cellulite Treatment Package is waiting for you to eliminate this image.

Cellulite Treatment Package

Cellulite isthat occurs as a result of irregular and excessive fat accumulation under the skin, mostly accumulates in the a regional circulatory disorderlegs, arms and hips, and is identified with orange peel. Cellulite, which is a serious health problem, is not only seen in overweight women, contrary to popular belief. Cellulite, which is not directly related to the weight problem, is mostly seen in women, but this problem is also encountered in men.

In our Cellulite Treatment Package;

6 sessions of AWT
6 sessions of G5 massage

What is AWT?

Known as one of the most effective methods in cellulite AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy)removal, is applied by creating shock waves on the protrusions formed under the connective tissue and fat dermis. It is a process for breaking the fat tissue and obtaining a smoother looking skin. The shock waves delivered by the AWT device provide dissolution in adipose tissue, reveal special metabolites in lymphatic vessels and reduce edema problem by increasing permeability. The feature of AWT shock waves is that they directly address the target tissue without damaging the tissue and provide breakdown in the fat tissue.

What is G5?

It iswith rhythmic vibrational movements withspecial device called G5
a massage technique performeda. With fast vibrations, both tightening and cellulite appearance are eliminated in regional application. G5 massage, which is performed with vibration and repulsion movements, activates the cells. Thanks to its pushing force, it helps to tighten the body. Helping to open the regional connective tissue, G5 massage also accelerates fat burning.

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