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Body Care Package

Body Care Package is your body to rest,specially prepared forget rid of the orange appearance and regional thinning. Check now for the Zen Estetik Body Care Package and call us!

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You problems such as stress, regional fat and cellulite with this package can eliminate your. This package, which includes regional slimming process and massage for your relaxation, is special for you from Zen Aesthetics! “

Body Care Package

It is possible to take care of your body from top to bottom. This package will help you get rid of your regional weight and also offers you massage for relaxation.

In Body Care Package; 

5 sessions of Microplus

5 sessions of G5 massage

1 session of medical massage

What is Micro Plus?

Micro Plusto eliminate body sagging is a method developed. Operation is provided with an electrotherapy device. The Micro Plus device, which is used for regional slimming, cellulite and tightening, stimulates the muscles with currents applied to the muscle groups. As a result of this stimulation, the muscles move and try to spread their energy to the fat tissues. 

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What is G5?

It with rhythmic vibrational movements withspecial device called G5 a massage technique performeda. With fast vibrations, both tightening and cellulite appearance are eliminated in regional application. G5 massage, which is performed with vibration and repulsion movements, activates the cells. Thanks to its pushing force, it helps to tighten the body. G5 massage, which helps to open the regional connective tissue, also accelerates fat burning. 

What is Medical Massage?

We need massage to get. It is possible to relax with a successful and appropriate massage. The important thing is actually to be able to choose the massage required. The simplest and most beautiful way to get rid of the negative energy in the body, to relax the muscles and to have a healthy and energetic body is to leave yourself in the hands of a massage specialist who is very good at this job. Medical massage helps to eliminate such complaints, relax muscles and end pain. 

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