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Laser Epilation

The laser concept developed by Albert Einstein in 1917 as part of the quantum theory, it is now used in many areas. The laser method was used mainly for military or industrial purposes, medical applications. Over the years, devices that make short pulses one by one were produced and the development of laser medicine began in 1983. New lasers have been produced in areas such as capillary treatment, stain, tattoo removal. Its use has gained momentum with the advances made in medical and clinical fields. The first light-based epilation type started to be used in 1994.
The purpose of laser epilation in the field of beauty is its hair. to disrupt the function of producing cells. The sudden high heat energy created by the absorption of laser beam by the black dye substance in the structure of the hair, called melanin, damages the hair-producing stem cells, black hairs, in other words those containing melanin, are highly affected by this situation. Unwanted hair on the body is an aesthetic problem for both men and women. Excessive hair growth; It is caused by hereditary, hormonal or various drugs. Wax, razor, thread, tweezers and chemical removers are used to get rid of unwanted hair.